03 May 2022

Research shows demand for city apartments rising again

BY John Gebbels  

Recent Rightmove research, as reported in BBC News, has shown a revived demand for city apartments. 

Through the last two years trends have leant towards buyers leaving urban areas in a quest for space, mostly to enable working from home from rural, suburban and even coastal locations. 

A recent return shift towards office working, and rising numbers of office based first time buyers, have according to Rightmove given rise to the popularity of flats once again with internet searches for flats overtaking terraced houses for the first time since the pandemic. 

OXON Property Search's Founder John Gebbels comments: 

"The last two years have seen activity in the Oxford property market divide significantly. Demand for family houses has far outstripped demand for apartments. However, post pandemic, as people's lives adjust again some shift back towards the appeal of urban life, with short commutes, better leisure and cultural amenities and easy public transport links, is becoming evident" 

John also adds: 

"Since the start of 2022 we have also seen an increase in new enquiry activity from Buy to Let investors, mostly spurred by the prospect on ongoing inflation. It is typically investors which underpin the Oxford apartment market, so later this year when these early investor enquiries convert to agreed purchases and completed sales, the Oxford apartment market will experience an additional boost"  

For the BBC article please see follow the link below: