20 Feb 2022

What do buying agents do?

BY John Gebbels  

Secret agents, property brokers, home finders, house hunters and personal estate agents. 

All names regularly used to describe the work of UK buying agents. In an increasingly fast paced and competitive property market the value in employing a buying agent is becoming ever more apparent. 

Access to off market opportunities, an intricate local knowledge and a tried and tested network of local property contacts are some of the more immediate and obvious benefits a buying agent can bring. 

In addition our counsel when times get hard, our objective resolve when heart overtakes head and our ability to buffer potentially tricky negotiations between buyer, seller and estate agent all combine to take some sting out of what can be a gruelling process. 

Yesterday's Daily Telegraph contains an excellent article looking in more detail at this growing property service sector. For the full article please follow the link below:


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