17 May 2023

Government publishes long awaited Renters Reform Bill

BY John Gebbels  

Today the Renters Reform Bill has been published in Parliament. 

First promised by Teresa May in 2019 the long awaited bill and guidance has finally been released. 

The major items the bill addresses are the abolishing of Section, otherwise know as 'no fault eviction' with all tenancies moving to Statutory Periodic or 'rolling'. Enhanced grounds for possession, but only where tenants are at fault either through rent arrears or anti social behaviour, are also proposed.

Tenants will be protected further from retaliatory evictions, and a new ombudsman will be introduced to relieve pressure on courts. 

Beyond this the intention is to focus on applying the Decent Homes Standard to the private rented sector. The measures are expected to be implemented in stages as they are passed into law. 

OXON Property Search & Portfolio Management's Founder John Gebbels has commented: 

"Greater protection of tenure for renters is both overdue and most welcome. With 11 million private tenants the UK private rented sector must perform for everyone involved. If the Housing Minister's proposal effectively balances out protecting tenants, but still ensures that Landlords with a legitimate requirement for regaining possession can achieve this, then the new legislation should be no cause for alarm. Improved processes for dispute arbitration and speeding up the court possession process are of course also very welcome. We very much hope the Renters Reform Bill delivers some rebalancing, and a new and fairer dawn for England's growing private rented sector"