27 Jul 2022

Hands on help for the custodians of historic homes

BY John Gebbels  

Are you the custodian of an historic building and fancy learning a new practical skill? 

Lime Plaster is the breathable, natural and traditional predecessor to modern gypsum plaster which traps moisture and can lead to damp and timber decay. 

Many fall into the trap of attempting to use modern materials and damp proofing techniques (such as chemical injection or tanking) which for most historic buildings are likely to prove ineffective. Older houses were designed to breathe, and many modern building materials prevent this.  

To help historic building owners find out more The Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings and The National Trust are teaming up to offer a number of informative hands on workshops at the National Trust's Heritage Craft Skills Centre at Coleshill Estate near Swindon this September.

For more information on the available courses please follow the link below to the SPAB website: