29 Jun 2022

Holiday lets increase by 40% since 2019

BY John Gebbels  

BBC research, from information obtained from 153 councils across England, shows a sharp increase in the number of homes available for short term letting. 

Areas with already high concentrations of short letting properties, such as the Cotswolds, Cornwall, North Devon and Isle of Wight, have seen the sharpest increases. 

The Department of Digital, Culture, Media and Sport are reportedly now investigating whether short term lets should be either registered or regulated. 

OXON Property Search Founder John Gebbels comments: 

"The rise in demand for short term letting or Airbnb style accommodation has not happened overnight, and therefore looks set to remain. The advantages for guests are significant. Independence, privacy plus the ability to entertain all feature. The main benefit is often seen to be the opportunity to experience a sense of 'living' in the holiday destination.

There are of course implications for local communities, both positive and negative, which carefully considered regulation should seek to address. Much like the now widespread House in Multiple regulation, there does appear a sensible argument for registering and perhaps even regulating the supply of short letting accommodation, particularly in the areas with the very highest concentrations" 

For the full BBC article please follow the link below:


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