26 Oct 2022

Agents indicate support for Airbnb licensing proposal

BY John Gebbels  

A recent analysis conducted by agent trade body Propertymark has shown that 68% of Letting and Estate Agents back the introduction of such a scheme, rising to 73% in coastal areas and 74% in tourist hotspots.

The proposal is that the UK Government should introduce licensing to monitor and control the local impacts of Airbnb and other similar styles of short lets. The Government is said to be considering introducing a scheme with physical checks for short-term let premises in England, with a view to orchestrating similar schemes in Scotland and Wales.

Noise, parties and refuse collection issues are often cited as negative local consequences of short term letting. Oxford holds a large short letting market with demand from both visiting tourists and academics. The newly introduced Oxford Landlord Selective Licensing scheme currently however excludes holiday letting.  

For the full Propertymark report please following the link below: